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    $54.00 $60.00 -10%

    Seat Time: 2.25hrs - Desc:     This course will provide an explanatory overview of investment products offered by most financial institutions to cover a range of customer needs and desires. The learner will be able to understand types of funds and strategies available to customers concerning everything from real estate to retirement planning. After...

    $54.00 $60.00 -10%
  • Quick view
    $54.00 $60.00 -10%

    Seat Time: 1.5hrs - Desc: This course will introduce the learner to the principles of treasury products and services available to customers. Additionally, the course will detail market derivatives and their importance as tradable financial instruments. Upon successful completion of the course, the learner will have a strong understanding of the following...

    $54.00 $60.00 -10%
  • Quick view
    $54.00 $60.00 -10%

    Seat Time: 3.25hrs - Desc: This course will introduce the learner to the principles of structured swaps and describe other OTC instruments, such as interest rate swaps and fixed-for-floating interest rate swaps. Additionally, the course will explore cross-currency swaps, exchange rates, and combining swaps. After completing the program, the learner will...

    $54.00 $60.00 -10%

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