Shipments and returns

Your eLearning

A login will be provided that will give the learner access to the subscribed course(s).

eLearning is delivered via the internet using popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc and therefore subject to the speed of your internet connection as supplied to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Most modern computers and internet connections with standard broadband can effectively present our materials, but Edcomm makes no warranty that our products are universally compatible with all systems and all browsers. It is up to the learner to insure that they are using a system that is capable of displaying and running our eLearning content which is built to industry standards and best practices.

Edcomm will do everything possible to deliver these courses in a manner that is compatible, but should their be no way for a learner to access or take the courses, we will cancel the account, deactivate the learner's access and provide a full refund less a 15% administrative fee. If the built-in completion statistics indicate that a learner has successfully taken any topics within a course, it is considered a final sale and no refund will be issued.